Voting Technologies for the Modern Voter

The mission of Democracy Live is to offer interactive, 21st century voting tools to each of the 200 million eligible voters in the U.S., while providing compelling and cost saving products to our public and private sector clients. Democracy Live is the leading provider of advanced electronic balloting and voter information technologies in the United States.
OmniBallot is a universal, accessible balloting platform for state and local governments consisting of OmniBallot Online and OmniBallot Tablet. OmniBallot Online is an electronic, fully accessible vote-by-mail, absentee, UOCAVA and sample ballot solution. OmniBallot Tablet is an off-the-shelf, HAVA compliant ballot marking device used in polling locations for voters with disabilities.
LiveBallot is an interactive, shareable digital ballot specific to every voter in the U.S.  This social ballot can be embedded into partner websites and shared by voters.  LiveBallot gives people an easy to use tool as they prepare to vote and gives organizations a powerful way to further their political impact at the polls.

Democracy Live welcomes the following customers to the Democracy Live family....

   Alameda County, CA      Riverside County, CA      Sacramento County, CA      San Bernardino County, CA      Santa Clara County, CA      District of Columbia      Collier County, FL      New Hampshire-Statewide      Cuyahoga County, OH      Franklin County, OH      El Paso County, TX      Vermont-Statewide      King County, WA     
The work of Democracy Live demonstrates that compliance with international standards on accessibility is readily achievable in the elections and voting space. Voters around the world have the right to equal access to participating in the democratic process and Democracy Live has gone a long way to producing technologies that helps achieve that goal. Janet Lord

Harvard Law School Project on Disability

Democracy Live’s system is a marvelous example of a universal design. It provides a valuable resource on voter information for all citizens, including those with disabilities who often lack access to this critical information about candidates and issues. Deborah Cook

University of Washington Center for Technology and Disability Studies

Media Coverage

This Independence Day, Secretary of State Mac Warner discusses the importance of honoring our troops by protecting their right to vote. Read more:

Stat of the Day: Over 10% of voters cannot see, hold, or mark a paper postal ballot. (Nearly 20 million eligible voters.) When most voters can vote from home during this health crisis, accessible voting should not stop at the polling location. It can be extended into the home.

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