OmniBallot Portal is an electronic, fully accessible vote-by-mail, absentee, UOCAVA and sample ballot solution.

OmniBallot Portal has been deployed in thousands of U.S. elections and used by U.S. military, overseas citizens, and voters with disabilities in 96 countries and on every continent.

OmniBallot Portal is a single platform where administrators can choose a single module or bundle one or more together for even greater savings and efficiency.

OmniBallot Portal offers secure, accessible remote balloting for all voters, including voters with disabilities, living abroad or serving in the military.


FAQ: Can you explain how OmniBallot Portal is Secure?
OmniBallot is an electronic method of delivering and returning ballots via a secure online portal, hosted by Amazon’s secure cloud, AWS. Importantly, the ballot that is counted and tabulated is on paper. The AWS cloud has been certified for use by federal agencies under FedRamp certification. FedRamp approval allows Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Defense, FBI, the National Security Agency (NSA) and virtually all other federal security and intelligence agencies to use AWS.

OmniBallot Portal utilizes AWS Object Lock to ensure immutable document (ballot) storage. The voter’s ballot selections are encrypted and securely stored in AWS. Object Lock meets all NIST and federal requirements for secure online storage of critical agency data, including ballot data.

The OmniBallot secure portal has been deployed in over 4,000 elections across hundreds of jurisdictions over the last decade. Serving voters in 96 countries around the world since 2010, the OmniBallot Portal is the most deployed balloting portal in the U.S.

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OmniBallot Product Videos

OmniBallot Portal Modules

Secure Select – Accessible Absentee/Vote-by-Mail

  • An accessible electronic ballot delivery system
  • Securely delivering the correct ballot and ballot materials to eligible voters
  • Fully compliant with federal ADA requirements for an accessible ballot marking system
  • Allows voters with disabilities to mark their absentee ballots without requiring assistance

UOCAVA Ballot Delivery

  • Accurate and efficient electronic ballot delivery
  • Eliminates the task of emailing each UOCAVA voter a PDF ballot
  • A single URL via the OmniBallot Online portal allows UOCAVA voters to access and download their unique ballots
  • Automatically generated FVAP reports


Accessible Sample Ballot

  • A web-based, interactive sample ballot for all voters
  • Audio-enabled, multilingual and fully accessible for voters with disabilities
  • Compatible with all major screen readers, tactile switches, closed captioning and sip and puff systems
  • Ensures compliance with all federal accessibility laws
  • Hosted on a secure cloud
  • Easy access from a computer, tablet or smartphone