The team and I want to extend our most sincere appreciation and gratitude of you and your team. Your OmniBallot solution is pure perfection. We are so pleased with the voter experience and election administrator build ease. The level of customer service Democracy Live provides is exceptional. Thank you for your partnership, we should have joined the Democracy Live family a lot earlier.

Julie Wise

Director of Elections, King County, WA

“Findings from a recent Synack security report showed over 400 independent researchers tested OmniBallot for vulnerabilities. The security report, available through Democracy Live,found just one low-severity vulnerability in OmniBallot. That one low level vulnerability was later confirmed to be fixed and no longer present in OmniBallot.  At Synack, we are working hard with partners like Democracy Live by making it harder for attackers to compromise any part of our election infrastructure. Synack researchers will continue to independently test the OmniBallot portal through the 2024 Presidential election and beyond.”  Synack Security  

Jay Kaplan

CEO & Co-Founder, SYNACK · The Premier Security Testing Platform

Democracy Live’s system is a marvelous example of a universal design. It provides a valuable resource on voter information for all citizens, including those with disabilities who often lack access to this critical information about candidates and issues.
Deborah Cook

University of Washington Center for Technology and Disability Studies

By using the Democracy Live system, I was able to vote and submit my ballot entirely independently for the first time in my life.
Douglas Bright

Active Visually Impaired Voter

As a voter and advocate who is blind, I believe that the voting experience should be accessible to all, including those with disabilities. The voting tool should be easy to use, while ensuring that voters are able to cast their vote in a secure, private and and independent fashion. After testing products developed by Democracy Live, I have determined that their products exceed my expectations, thereby providing equal access to voter information prior to and during the voting session, as directed by the United States Department of Justice and disability rights laws.
Kenneth Semien, Sr.

President, American Council of the Blind of Texas

I was VERY IMPRESSED with the sample ballots from Democracy Live in that I had no problems using their page, it was consistent, read everything properly, marked correctly in the form fields and printing.  I believe that the disabled community would find this product to be a pleasure to work with and feel competent in exercising their Constitutional Right to vote.
Carl Russo

Ohio voter

Democracy live has helped our office in so many ways with their Omniballot System, it is user friendly and makes my FPCA work much easier at Election time. The new system looks like it will provide more features and still be user friendly.
Their Customer Service is top notch, I can email them with a question and the time I get an answer back is very quick and they are so helpful to walk me through anything I have questions with. They are wonderful to work with. Felicia and Nick are the bomb diggity!
Amy Turlington

Rusk County, Texas

I just used your Electronic Ballot for the first time–voting for King Conservation District Board Member. It worked great. I have an older desktop PC and used MS Edge. For some purposes my equipment struggles, but, entirely smooth with this process. Thanks.
Gail Gorud

King County, WA Voter

The work of Democracy Live demonstrates that compliance with international standards on accessibility is readily achievable in the elections and voting space. Voters around the world have the right to equal access to participating in the democratic process and Democracy Live has gone a long way to producing technologies that helps achieve that goal.
Janet Lord

Harvard Law School Project on Disability

I wanted to share that I was fortunate and very pleased to be able to take advantage of the new Massachusetts accessible absentee ballot process. It was through Omni Ballot with Democracy Live and it was so totally seamless. It was easy to do, all races appeared on the same page and had check boxes to check or uncheck for my preferences. I was provided a link to the voting platform, I answered a couple questions including which city I vote in, and then I was prompted to put in my PIN number. After that, it took me straight to the ballot for selecting my choices. At the end, it allowed me to review my choices, and then there was a submission button. It also indicated that my submission was successful. My electronic ballot went to my local city election official.

It couldn’t have been easier, and probably took no more than ten minutes. It was terrific! I am very proud of the work we have done in Massachusetts to make this a reality!

Kim Charlson

Council of the Blind (MA)

Having served for over 39 years in the US Army including multiple overseas tours where I was in charge of thousands of deployed personnel, I know firsthand the challenges of voting while serving abroad. During an election it was always a battle just to receive our ballot and get it submitted.  That is why I am so pleased to be joining the nation’s leader in secure military voting.  Democracy Live has been the pioneer for nearly 20 years in providing the tools for our men and women serving in the military to vote securely, wherever they are stationed around the world. I am proud to join the Democracy Live team as they continue to help ensure our men and women serving overseas have the best tools to vote easily and securely.

General Robert (Abe) Abrams

4 Star General (Ret. U.S. Army)

This is wonderful! It’s clear and easy to follow, using various screen reader options works well, all information is provided, and even the write-in option is accessible, not always true with the machines. Great job! This is going to open up so many opportunities. It’s also laying the groundwork for other kinds of things.
Vicky Prahin

Executive Director, American Council of the Blind of Ohio

I am an individual with a disability… My quality of life has been enhanced by my ability to vote independently and Democracy Live gives me that opportunity.
Eric Hilton

South Carolina voter

The County and Democracy Live are to be congratulated for developing and deploying this modern tool to assist all voters in the County and around the world.
Norm Dicks

Former U.S. Congressman

As someone with MS it is hard to stand in the voting booth and mark my ballot by hand. This is much easier!
Beverly Justice

Ohio voter

Democracy Live provides options to the military that they never had before. It cuts the transit time in half for military voters waiting to get their ballots. It gives them plenty of time to get their ballot and return it in time to be counted.
Dolores Gilmore

Kitsap County Auditor

The team at Democracy Live has been incredible. Their system is easy to use, with tools that made election set up and proofing easy. Their team, especially Island Pinnick, is extremely responsive and always solution-oriented. He worked with our data team to find a way to make sure our data import was simple and easy to manage. They offer an enhanced product, including a fully accessible and secure ballot marking tool as well as an interactive and fully accessible sample ballot. We are very happy with Democracy Live and would strongly encourage the Secretary of State to consider their product both for UOCAVA ballot delivery as well as an option for accessible vote at home.
Jocelyn Bucaro

Deputy Director of Elections, City and County of Denver