OmniBallot Tablet is an off-the-shelf, HAVA-compliant accessible, ballot marking device used in polling locations for voters with disabilities.

Deployed in over 1,000 elections, OmniBallot Tablet offers a low cost, light-weight ballot marking system, approved by an EAC-Lab and implemented in multiple states.

Stand-Alone, Polling Place Ballot Marking Device

  • Prints voter selections onto any paper ballot
  • Works with all tabulation systems in elections market
  • Ensures all ballots in a polling place are uniform
  • Best of breed – Jurisdictions no longer need to be tethered to a tabulation vendor’s ballot marking equipment.

Secure & Accessible

  • Certified by an EA-approved certification lab (SLI) as a polling place ballot marking device
  • Fully ADA and HAVA compliant for voters living with disabilities
  • “Vendor gap” between tabulation and ballot marking vendors ensures higher security between ballot marking and tabulation
  • Voters can mark their sample ballot at home and scan it at the polling place to print their ballot (optional)

Cost Effective

  • Leveraging proven COTS-hardware ensures lowest possible cost in the market
  • No tabulation certification expense lowers cost by up to 50% of traditional accessible voting equipment
  • Prints ballots on-demand – no need to pre-print ballots


  • Reviewed and approved for ballot marking by SLI, a federally approved independent lab
  • Utilizes proven Microsoft Windows operating system
  • No wireless required