OmniBallot Tablet is an off-the-shelf, HAVA compliant ballot marking device used in polling locations for voters with disabilities.

OmniBallot Tablet offers a low cost, highly secure, light-weight ballot marking system approved by an EAC-Lab.

  • Easy & Flexible
    • Easily integrates with current tabulation systems
    • Simple data upload and setup process
    • Prints marks directly onto optical scan ballot
    • No federal certification required
  • Accessible
    • Gives the 25-30 million Americans with disabilities the ability to mark their ballots independently and privately
    • Fully accessible providing magnification for voters with visual impairments and compatible with other assistive technology, headphones, tactile buttons, and sip-and-puff devices
    • Ensures compliance with the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) accessibility requirement
  • Cost-effective
    • Up to 50% less expensive than other alternatives
    • Easy and affordable to set up, maintain, store and transport
    • Hardware can be re-purposed for other uses within the jurisdiction
  • Secure
    • Reviewed and approved for ballot marking by SLI, a federally approved independent lab
    • Utilizes proven Microsoft Windows operating system
    • No wireless required