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Synack is the nation’s premier security testing company, harnessing a vetted community of the world’s most talented cybersecurity researchers to deliver continuous penetration testing and vulnerability management for our customers.

Since 2020, Democracy Live has engaged Synack to conduct continuous, independent testing of the OmniBallot balloting portal. Synack researchers put the OmniBallot portal through ongoing rigorous security testing. Synack researchers conduct 365 testing on OmniBallot and its networks, searching for potential vulnerabilities. Our testing process draws on a pool of over 1,500 trusted cybersecurity researchers who are incentivized to find vulnerabilities.

Findings from a recent Synack security report showed over 400 independent researchers tested OmniBallot for vulnerabilities. The security report, available through Democracy Live, found just one low-severity vulnerability in OmniBallot. That one low level vulnerability was later confirmed to be fixed and no longer present in OmniBallot.
At Synack, we are working hard with partners like Democracy Live by making it harder for attackers to compromise any part of our election infrastructure. Synack researchers will continue to independently test the OmniBallot portal through the 2024 Presidential election and beyond.

Jay Kaplan · CEO & Co-Founder
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