Bryan Finney, MBA

Founder, President

A native of Seattle, WA, Bryan Finney entered the voting technology world during the Bush/Gore election in 2000. Bryan received his MBA in Technology Marketing and has nearly two decades of experience in the elections and voting technology space. Bryan was nominated and selected as a founding member of the Homeland Security-sponsored Elections Sector Executive Committee. He also Chairs the Elections Sector Emergency Response Group. Bryan has been a speaker at the United Nations, presented to Congress and is a national leader in secure and accessible voting technologies. Starting off as a young staffer in Washington DC and then leading one of the fastest growing Internet companies during the 1990′s, Bryan saw the problems that occurred during the 2000 Gore V Bush election as an opportunity to modernize voting in the U.S. After a decade working in the voting technology space, Bryan merged his political, business and technology background to start Democracy Live in 2007. Through a series of strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon and in collaboration with the University of Washington Center for Technologies and Disabilities, Democracy Live has grown into one of the largest providers of cloud and tablet-based voting technologies in the U.S. Bryan likes to say, “Why not fix the big problems, like improving how 200 million people vote in the U.S.”

Joe Brotherton, JD, CPA


Chairman of the Board, Joe Brotherton is a Seattle-based Attorney and CPA. Mr. Brotherton is also a successful entrepreneur across multiple fronts and was named one of Seattle’s “Most Influential” business leaders. Joe is one of the leading investors and thought leaders in the Northwest bringing decades of experience in the technology, legal and investor community. Mr. Brotherton has served on many corporate and philanthropic Boards. Joe is the past President of the University of Washington Law School Foundation, past President of the Attorney-CPA Foundation, past Trustee of Cornish College of the Arts, and past Trustee of the University of Washington School of Business Foster School Foundation. He and his wife, Maureen have five children and helped found the non-profit Teens In Public Service. Joe and Maureen also perform service work in Ethiopia and Uganda. In his spare time, Joe is a longtime volunteer at the prison in Monroe, spending one night a week there with “The Lifers.” Joe describes it as “the best four hours of his week.” Joe started his career as a computer programmer and systems designer and thus has long-standing technological and business experience. As Joe has stated, “Democracy Live will bring efficiency, accuracy, accountability and accessibility to the voting process for every voter in America and every serviceman or woman serving overseas. I am very proud to assist in that effort.”

Joe is a graduate of the University of Washington Business and Law schools where he has taught most of the last 25 years. In addition, he has taught at Seattle University, Cornish College (Ethics and Law for the Practicing Artist) and, combining his interests in education and prison reform, at the University Behind Bars at the penitentiary in Monroe.

Island Pinnick

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer, Island Pinnick, was born and raised in Bend, Oregon. He is a University of Washington graduate and recipient of the UW Mary Gates Award for Excellence. Island graduated at the top of his class with a BS in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Nanotechnology. Island’s passion for technology began at an early age; writing code at the age of 12 and developing a client base before entering high school. With over 10 years of experience in the elections industry, Island led the development for the most deployed cloud-based technology in the U.S. Island developed the first fully accessible, online audio balloting system and the first multimedia, video balloting tool ever deployed in the U.S. Island has developed the system currently deployed in over 400 counties, 96 countries and every continent in the U.S. (Yes, even Antarctica!)

Island has great enthusiasm and a desire to create new technologies while continuing to innovate and create solutions for jurisdictions across the US. “I thoroughly enjoy the constantly changing, ever evolving world of technology and it is my goal to continue to integrate new technology into our elections process.

Felicia Erlich

Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Corporate Counsel

As of February 2020, Felicia Erlich Altman adds Chief Operating Officer to her title of Corporate Counsel of Democracy Live. Felicia is responsible for managing the company’s day to day business matters and works closely with Bryan Finney in managing the company’s sales team and strategic corporate initiatives. In her added role Felicia oversees the company’s overall business operations strategy and is involved in designing, planning, and implementing business plans and procedures. Felicia also maintains and manages all relationships with partners and vendors relating to OmniBallot. During her time as Corporate Counsel Felicia has been the project manager for more than 100 election implementations. As Corporate Counsel Felicia was instrumental in establishing Democracy Live’s Business and Legal department as well as, its Human Resources department. She continues to advise the company on legal issues involving contracts, government regulations, trademarks & copyrights and employment law. Felicia is an active member of the Homeland Security- sponsored Election Sector and the Elections Sector Emergency Response Group. As a law student Felicia, focused on entertainment, intellectual property and business law. Felicia interned in the business and legal departments of BET Networks and Funny or Die, Inc. Prior to joining Democracy Live, Felicia was an Associate Attorney with the boutique law firm Rosen Lewis located in Seattle, Washington. She is a member of the California, New York, New Jersey and Washington state Bars. In her spare time, Felicia enjoys cooking, running, hiking, swimming and spending time with family and friends. She is the founder of the food blog thedairyfreekitchen on WordPress and recently added to her accomplishments the completion of her first mini-triathlon.

Mark Pace

Chief Security Officer

Mark’s cybersecurity experience began with Microsoft’s ACE Team as part of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing (TwC) Initiative. As a security lead at Microsoft, Mark performed threat analysis, security audits, and consulted on development best practices and security postures. Mark has designed and developed numerous enterprise systems used by major Fortune 50 companies including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Fluke, and Qwest Communications. Most recently at Democracy Live, Mark teamed with Microsoft and Dell to develop Omniballot Tablet, the first certified commercial off the shelf (COTS) Voting Tablet which was used in the 2018 midterms and the current 2020 election cycle.  In addition to Microsoft, Mark has provided security and consulting services to various firms including Qwest Communications and Fluke. Mark began his career with the team at Xerox Webster Research. Mark joined MSNBC as a founding member of the special projects launch team working projects for the Atlanta Olympics and Clinton/Dole Presidential race results.

Michael Hamilton, MS

Chief Security Consultant

Michael Hamilton is the Founder and CISO of CI Security. In an information security career spanning 30 years, Michael has served as a Cybersecurity Policy Advisor for Washington State, Vice-Chair of the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Government Coordinating Council (SLTTGCC), Chief Information Security Officer for the City of Seattle, and Managing Consultant for VeriSign Global Security Consulting. In a previous life, he developed algorithms for hyperspectral remote sensing as an Ocean Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Lance Gough

Former Executive Director, Chicago Board of Election Commissioners

Throughout his 32 year tenure as Executive Director, Gough was responsible for managing voter registration and election administration for over 1.5 million voters. He managed change during an era of unprecedented changes in election administration. Examples included: the transition from punch cards to optical scanners and touch screens; the introduction of electronic poll books; expanded registration with online and election-day programs; and the launch of in-person early voting, no-excuse Vote By Mail and Secured Drop Boxes. According to Gough, these transformations had a significant and lasting impact on his role as Director. In addition to modernizing administrative processes, Gough has sought to prioritize engagement with voters and ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities and language barriers.

Cyrus Krohn

Government Relations and Political Affairs Advisor

Cyrus Krohn has been a cutting-edge communicator, innovator and new media executive focused on digital democracy for over 20 years. Business Insider named him one of the Top 50 digital political strategists in the United States. Krohn led digital political initiatives for technology companies including Microsoft and Yahoo and worked in CNN’s Washington, D.C. bureau producing live prime-time programming. Krohn has worked in the executive branch of US Government in the Old Executive Office Building and managed political campaigns at the federal, state and local levels.

Krohn graduated from University of Lynchburg and served on the Board of Advisors of the George Washington University Institute for Politics Democracy and the Internet and the E-Voter Institute. He has lectured on the impact the Internet is having on the political process at the Personal Democracy Forum, University of Michigan Knight-Wallace Fellows, Johns Hopkins University, American University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania, The Aspen Institute, Harvard and MIT.

Pam Daniels

Executive Management; International eGovernment Consultant

Pam is a national and international eGovernment expert specializing in public sector reforms as well as modernizing government and political processes. She brings 30 years experience in the legal profession and 12 years as an elected countywide official for Snohomish County, WA. As an elected official Pam managed a large countywide eGovernment system. Pam’s extensive experience includes involvement in local, state and national government and politics. Before joining Democracy Live, Pam has provided expert consulting services via USAID contracts. Pam has been an advocate for improved government systems and public access to information through increased transparency, accountability and process efficiencies. She is passionate about election system efficiencies and voter access to information to improve citizen involvement. “As a former county elected official for 3 terms, I was extremely frustrated at the number of houses I passed in neighborhoods where they were not registered voters when doorbelling. I continue to be concerned about the lack of younger voters and the lack of information readily available to voters about candidates. Working with Democracy Live, I am able to be a part of a superior technology system that is addressing these issues and more!”

Lisa Copeland

Front End Developer

Lisa started her career as a programmer in the USC Mathematics Department.  Moving to Microsoft, Lisa worked on the Windows operating systems, full stack development cloud services.  In January of 2021 she joined the team at Democracy Live as a lead front end developer.