What People Are Saying About Democracy Live Technologies


Dolores Gilmore, Kitsap County Auditor

“LiveBallot provides options to the military that they never had before. It cuts the transit time in half for military voters waiting to get their ballots. It gives them plenty of time to get their ballot and return it in time to be counted.”

Washington State Elections Director Nick Handy

“LiveBallot continues the Secretary of State’s vision of making voter information accessible and compelling. This new voter tool embraces the future by providing voters the ability to easily watch and listen to every participating candidate appearing on their ballot.”

Kamelyta Noor, Mail Ballot & UOCAVA Coordinator, San Bernardino County, CA

“Democracy Live simplified our federal reporting requirements by generating reports that capture all of the statistics we are required to submit to the Federal Voter Assistance Program. Our alternative would be calculating these statistics manually. With almost 4,000 eligible UOCAVA voters, these automated reports saved San Bernardino County countless hours in staff time.”


Ardis Bazyn, California Disability Advocate

“Many voters have found getting to the polls to use the accessible voting systems difficult. LiveBallot brings accessible balloting to the home, or any location with a Web browser”

U.S. Congressman Norm Dicks

“The County and Democracy Live are to be congratulated for developing and deploying this modern tool to assist all voters in the County and around the world.”

Deborah Cook, Director of the Washington Assistive Technology Program.

“The LiveBallot system is a marvelous example of a universal design. It provides a valuable resource on voter information for all citizens, including those with disabilities who often lack access to this critical information about candidates and issues.”


2012 California Voter

“As a military member, it made it much easier this election to vote. I was able to download my ballot, fill it out, and send it in when I was away from my home base on military detachment orders. I highly recommend it to those who qualify for using this method to vote.”

2012 California Voter

“It is because of the LiveBallot technology that I was able to participate in history, and to show my commitment and patriotism to my home country.”

Linda Washburn

“Retinal Swelling makes it hard for me to read small fonts and I had to have a poll judge review my ballot before it was submitted. It took me twice as long to vote as it did my husband. Using a tablet with large font would allow me to quickly mark my selections and know my ovals were filled in fully.”



“Living abroad with no access to a postal service or U.S. consulate, I was worried that I would not be able to participate in the important elections this year. The LiveBallot technology made the process much easier, and I hope to be able to use it again in the future.”

Rep. Andy Thompson, Ohio House of Representatives, 95 th District

“It was very smooth, easy to go through and it seems like it would be a lot faster. Assuming all the data gets tabulated correctly, I think this could be a real improvement and hopefully cost savings for counties.”


“I am very grateful to have been able to use this service in order to participate in the election. It was very convenient to download the ballot and mail it in in time for the election.”


“Live Ballot allowed me to receive my ballot in a timely manner and not have to worry about having it come through the mail services which may not always be as reliable.”

Josh Husseman Voter

“I actually prefer the tablet over a paper ballot. It was easy to understand and I didn’t really have to read the directions to figure out how to mark my choices.”

Beverly Justice

“As someone with MS it is hard to stand in the voting booth and mark my ballot by hand. This is much easier! I hope this comes to our county permanently.”

Rasheed Pippy

“I like this. If my friends knew they could vote this way (using off-the-shelf equipment to mark a ballot) I think more of them might come vote.”

John Setzer

“You use a new technology but you still get to see your votes on paper. I will spread the word that this isn’t as scary as I thought.”