For Voters

All voters have one thing in common.  They lack information about the candidates and issues appearing on their ballots.

With LiveBallot, you get your personal, interactive ballot and the information needed to be prepared on Election Day.

  • Get your voter-specific ballot
  • Research candidates and issues
  • Mark and save your selections
  • Share your ballot with friends, family and followers
  • See how friends and organizations are voting
  • Receive ballot alerts for every election

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For Organizations

LiveBallot can be embedded into partner websites giving organizations a powerful way to further their political impact.

A digital, social slate card, LiveBallot shows an organization’s endorsements specific to a voter’s address.

  • Embedded as a widget into partner websites.
  • Shows ballot endorsements specific to the voter.
  • Gives voters an easy way to share endorsements with friends.
  • Reach new voters through friend‐to‐friend network.
  • Partner profiles and endorsements also listed on LiveBallot website.
  • Ability for candidates to enhance profiles with custom messaging.


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