Democracy Live Launches LiveBallot

BY IN LiveBallot App On October 11, 2016

The First App That Delivers Personalized Ballots and Information to Over 200 Million U.S. Voters

New Voting App Allows Voting to Go Viral

SEATTLE, October 6, 2016– Democracy Live, the nation’s leading cloud-balloting technology firm, today launched its LiveBallot app and website to provide every U.S. voter with access to his/her ballot, untethering the voting experience from the polling place. With LiveBallot, voters can access and interact with their ballots ahead of Election Day to research, save and even share their ballot choices.

Democracy Live is ushering a new way to vote through the first-ever social balloting technology.  Voters can get a virtual replica of their ballot and share their choices on social media, direct from their online ballot. Through LiveBallot, voters can click on any of the candidates appearing on their ballot to read, watch or discuss each candidate and mark their choices.

“LiveBallot is the only app that delivers a customized ballot to each of the 200 million voters in the U.S.,” said Bryan Finney, president and CEO of Democracy Live. “Rather than relying on yard signs and sound bites, voters can use LiveBallot to help be a more informed and impactful voter. LiveBallot has the potential to reduce disenfranchisement, by making voting more efficient and less time consuming for voters. For the first time in election history, voters will have a virtual replica of their ballots on their personal devices, computers and in their hands ahead of Election Day.”

LiveBallot is powered through Democracy Live’s proprietary national balloting database. LiveBallot is updated in real time and includes information about the candidates’ experience, endorsements and funding, as well as a voter’s state and local ballot measures and polling place information.

“We can do almost anything on our smartphones, from checking our bank statements to buying groceries. It only makes sense that we can now add providing voting information and accessing our ballots to that list of capabilities,” said Joe Brotherton, chairman of Democracy Live. “Ensuring that data-driven information is easily available to voters will enable and encourage them to vote. This is the future of voting.”

To increase voter participation, the app also alerts users of upcoming elections and ballot availability. Additionally, Democracy Live partners with organizations on both sides of the political aisle to share their endorsements with likely voters via LiveBallot. With one click, voters can mark their ballots to align with organizations they support.

LiveBallot joins Democracy Live’s existing suite of voting technologies in public elections. As a leader in the voting technology space, Democracy Live has been selected by the U.S. Department of Defense, to enable Americans to vote abroad with ease since its founding in 200. The company has revolutionized voting for U.S. military members overseas, citizens living abroad and voters with disabilities. With the LiveBallot app, Democracy Live is now extending that core technology to make voting easier for every voter for every election.

LiveBallot is available for iOS in the App Store for free and at

Democracy Live is not affiliated with any political group or interest group.

About Democracy Live

Democracy Live is a voter information and technology company dedicated to providing voters with personalized information to make knowledgeable decisions when voting. Through its LiveBallot technology, Democracy Live enables U.S. citizens, domestically or abroad, to access critical information needed to thoughtfully and actively participate in the voting process. Founded in 200 and based in Seattle, Democracy Live has been funded in part by the U.S. Department of Defense, Intel and Microsoft.


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